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Practical Guide: How video keeps your treatment on track

Practical Guide: How video keeps your treatment on track

Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic is right at the forefront of using technology to make rehabilitation more effective and video rehabilitation has delivered great results. Patients are provided with videos that clearly show how exercises should be done and how often they should be performed. Before and after clips help patients check their progress - it's their portable, personal training regime. 

You might be wondering: why video?

We treat people at the clinic with manipulation, massage, ultrasonic and a whole host of other techniques. But patients nearly always also leave with instructions regarding exercises to do at home or in a gym to continue rehabilitation on their own.

Often, particularly with treatment for spinal conditions or joint problems, those exercises may feel odd because we're trying to train the body out of habits that have contributed to the condition. Patients slowly change what they're doing, reducing the effectiveness of their exercises. By the time of their next visit, an exercise may have morphed into something completely different!

Video records the exercise precisely, becoming a point of reference patients can access easily between sessions.

It gets better: training reminder

Another big benefit is that the videos act as a reminder of the exercises that have been suggested. How often have you come away from a session with a list of exercises but a few days later have forgotten how to do some of them? Or how often?

They can be viewed on a computer, laptop or tablet, a phone or even on a television. This makes it quick and convenient to access so patients can exercise wherever they can.

Videos are a perfect reminder of the exercises you've been given, how many times to repeat them and how often to do a session. This all improves your chances of a quick return to full health.

What’s the bottom line?

It's all about you, the patient. Videos will help you recuperate faster and the effects will be longer lasting. To find out how effective it can be, call us now on 0208 543 5477, or go to our website and request a callback.