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Shoulder Treatment Sports Injury Clinic

The healthy shoulder joint has a tremendous amount of movement, as you know. Imagine the complicated mechanics that allow this range of motion to happen, and it's not simple! 

At the Sports Injury Clinic in Wimbledon, we understand your shoulder and are specialists in the management of this complaint.

We not only diagnose you, using in-house radiology suit, but we are also keen on identifying the tasks that caused the injury.

This understanding, education and in-depth consult help us treat you with success. Added to this: We have a 1-2 day referral programme for MRI  in-case there is any more insight into about the injury.

But what will the therapy be?

We offer the best primary and cost-effective care according to NICE the advisors to NHS. So you get the most effective primary care without the waiting lists.

But then we add stuff

There are therapies that the NHS deem is helpful but only changes outcomes by an extra 10%, so they don't give it. well we do

The additional treatments:

Ultrasound therapy - A heat therapy that targets tendon, a common cause of shoulder pain.

K-tape - A scaffold tape to support the shoulder structure, helps stabilise and de-stress the shoulder, enabling recovery to happen when people cant comment to rest. 

Shockwave therapy - This treatment is the gold standard for tendon pain. Shock Wave therapy also breaks down calcifications inside tendons. If we suspect this hidden cause of chronic shoulder pain at the consultation, we can accurately rule this cause out in-house using our radiology suite or through MRI referral.

 Ask our shoulder treatment advisor or request a callback. Click here - CONTACT US