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The Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic works with local business to educate about wellness and invigorate your staff towards healthy choices.


Like all HR departments, we realise that a healthy workforce is essential and all too often the good intentions of health cover often get forgotten by the staff members. Many not remember the financial benefit and soon don't see the value but more importantly, they don't activate the use of the care and make themselves better.


Done on health days (days when local gyms, dentists are also present at lunch) we come to your workplace a perform checks on your staff while also providing the option of a health talk.

  • For good health employee theses, talks can cement their wellness goals and objectives.
  • For the dormant over a stressed worker, they can feel invigorated to start an initiative to self-care. 

Hopefully, this all happens before absenteeism kicks off and the more proactive this message, the better. 

Most HR departments we work with go for one or two talks or screenings per year. 


There is no commitment needed as our talks help us make a presence in the local community we serve.

Corporate services we offer:


The private screenings usually are 10 -15min quick consultations with a local statutory regulated professional they often involve a postural check using a computer. The screenings are typically booked utilising a booking sheet on the day.

We often provide this directly to HR to sign up flagged cases (people who have complained about back or neck pain issues) first; then it can be placed in a common area for self-sign up

Health Talks:

Please inquire about the titles if you would like something relevant but talk generally focus on boosting health mentality while having a focus of spinal and office health. of course we also offer tailored talks for warehouse management human resources to help educate.


If you haven't invested in a private health care plan (BUPA, Vitality, CIGNA, AXIA PPP etc ) for employees or if your employees haven't felt the need to take advantage of a policy. We offer a local business discount scheme that's easy to implements.

We suggest three routes to passively highlighting this benefit:

  1. Posters - easily place these into the staff room or kitchen-et areas. The posters are provided and are available to check 
  2. Intranet post/ email to all emails - this is an obvious intention related email but can often get ignored if a company is in the start-up phase of any developments.
  3. Line manager awareness: We all know our staff and the direct line manager should know there employees more than most. With that said they are in an appropriate position to advise that if the employee has been complaining of discomfort or has requested a new chair desk that they seek some sort of care. This can be also gained at a discount at a local provider if the employee should wish to benefit from the discount.

While we don't hide the fact that we offer care we most certainly don't force the use of health policies without indication.

And, with that, said, we have found companies that pay for private health care for their employees, the staff don't actually use it!

and even though an employee is suffering and their work rate is dropping they don't seek care until the pain is unbearable. Through surveys, we have discovered that many employees don't know where to go and are not sure how they can benefit both financially and through recovery.

Both the talk and the fact our staff that are available to answer questions and even book private consults helps promote a positive health choice whether it's with a local provider, like us, or another provider of there choosing the results are always positive.


The next step is to start talking to our team at the Wimbledon Clinic & Sports Injury Clinic and see what we can do for you - click here to request a callback