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Paediatric Chiro Care Wimbledon

@ Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury

Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic is exceptionally child-friendly and welcoming to 'little ones'. But we are seeking to offer more to the parents of Wimbledon.

Wednesdays 12 - 2pm we welcome you to join us for Baby Day! A 2 hour meet where parents and babies can chill in our big waiting area while waiting for their treatment. Here your baby can get treated without stress; the need to feed your baby needs a change. We can simply take another mother and baby in until you are ready.

There is plenty to keep your little ones entertained while you are getting adjusted. 

All our pediatric Chiropractors have completed extra training in paediatric care and are very experienced in treating children of all ages. 

The techniques used for children include cranial and extremely gentle adjustments; we find that most children love to be adjusted.

baby chiropractic infant care wimbledon chiropractic & sports injury clinic

Why should babies be checked?

Chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques to help your baby deal with biomechanical difficulties of the musculoskeletal and nervous system as well as being able to give general health advice for parents having difficulty, including exercise techniques, postural advice and specialised techniques tailored to your baby.

 Chiropractic care aims to restore balance and 'unwind' tension to improve spinal and cranial function and remove interference to the nervous system (the body's primary control system).

"Chiropractic care is not aimed at 'treating' precise conditions as such, but instead restoring the body's balance and capacity to heal."

Regular check-ups

It is beneficial to check a baby's spine to optimise nervous system development in reaching crucial developmental milestones. If your child is bum-shuffling or not crawling, it may be due to a reduced movement.

We suggest children be checked at each growth landmark or after any substantial fall or bumps, which can generate imbalances within their minor nervous systems and bodies.

"Just like going to the dentist for a check-up, chiropractic checks your child's spine for any misalignment or imbalance."

The Modern Child & Teenager

A forward head posture is on-the-rise in youths due to the expanded use of TV, Social Media and a sedentary lifestyle. 

This forward head posture puts more stress on the upper back, neck and shoulders, which causes other postural changes and spinal problems. 

And we advised Teenagers also to be checked to prevent problems continuing into adulthood. Here we like to give postural lessons for them to enact to avoid study strain or reduce the incidence of injury. 

Who Will We See?

Thyria Pillay peaditric chiropractic Wimbledon SW19 at Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic

This therapist is our resident go-to for paediatric care, kids and parents enjoy her outgoing calm, and they will help guide your child's spine and body tissues to be all they can be.

Some children take new faces well. And this can be a minor hurdle for others.

We feel knowing a little about the practitioners can be very helpful in calming anxieties, and lessening this hurdle is extra special.

Remember: The first session will become an introduction to the space and also the practitioner.