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Achilles Tendon Treatment Wimbledon

This injury hits runners and jumpers and named after the legendary warrior Achilles. The naming convention fits with the type of athlete that generally suffers from this condition – a strong-minded warrior type that often battles through the discomfort.

Does This Describe You?

Overuse usually is the cause of Achilles tendon pain. The precursor complaint is often tight calf muscles. Imagine when you start to run or walk, do you feel a tightness in the calf?

Imagine again when you’re running? Do you get a sharper sensation lower down? This stinging sensation is Achilles pain, and the state of the Achilles can range from irritation to tear.

Remember, this tendon takes the whole body weight and often at speed. You can imagine a tendon that does so much is an obvious place for an injury.

Next Steps? 

The next steps are, of course, treatment and management, but these are different based on the location of pain, i.e. near the heel or closer to the muscle. Pain in this location is known as insertional or non-insertional and is extremely important to choose the correct treatment pathway.

I am Diagnosed, What Now?

  • For an acute (3 weeks old) injury, we use traditional management combined with ultrasound stimulation and superior calf lengthening techniques.
  • For a chronic Achilles (2 months old), problem shockwave therapy is used to speed up healing and blood flow. This will allow recovery and a start to re-strengthening your heel cord.

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