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Medical Insurance Policy

Our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are registered insurance providers with all major medical insurance companies, including:

  • BUPA (only certain practitioners)
  • Standard life;

Most others are also accepted you may need the practitioner's professional number to make a claim.

Having medical Insurance relationship is great for you. However, as you would expect with any insurance relationship you have a few hoops to jump through.

These hoops are slightly different for each policy, and the most significant difference is between personal and work-based types.


There can be an excess to pay for private medical insurance plans – it is usually about £100. But it will still be worth your while making a claim.

The average number of treatments for a typical pain is ten visits. Most insurance companies cover these ten sessions, although some cover five and ask for a review to get the other 5.

For more complicated/ longer-lasting problems, more treatment than this is usually required, so it makes even more financial sense for you to make a claim. Should your case turn out to be one of these?

Chiro accepts medical insurance AXA BUPA Vitality

How Much Care Will My Insurance Cover?

We are big on independence and posture correction at the clinic, but medical insurance is only for painful problems. Pain is our priority, and we cannot fix posture if it is too sore for you to move!

Your medical insurance will generally cover the essential pain stage of treatment (individual policies vary, so please check with your provider).

Shall I Make A Claim?

If you are unsure whether to make a claim or not (worried about increasing premiums): You can pay for the first consultation yourself, only £60.  At this visit, we will be able to give you a guide to how many treatments you are likely to need, and your prognosis seven treatment plan. After this, you can decide how best to proceed.

NOTE: Not all insurance companies will reimburse the full cost of consult unless you have an activation code from your company.

We only honour insurance payments with these activation code companies: Examples of such companies include BUPA & Axia PPP. Remember we only cover the period after the date your code is received/activated - WE NEED THIS CODE TO PROCESS YOUR INSURANCE COVER).

Can The Clinic Do Everything For Me

Sadly, we cannot offer a full management service, mainly because we have no access to your details or policy, but also, as the management takes up so much time, and these companies often pay reduced treatment rates. These factors combine, so running this kind of service is not productive. And this is often the reason many clinics choose not to offer insurance cover.

But there are some companies we do work directly with as their administration arms are better equipped to invoice digitally. These are AXA, Vitality & BUPA. But we are covered by others; you will need to reclaim through them after paying the invoice with us.

Please note that although we have a better relationship with these companies (BUPA, AXA & Vitality), it does not mean we have access to your policy, its use, activation of its use or details about excess.