Niall Marshall-Manifold DC, wimbledon Chiropractor

Dr. Niall Marshall-Manifold

Calls (£15), Enable Us To Assess Your Case - See If We Can Help - NOTE: £15 Is Taken Off Typical Physical Exam/ Consult Cost (Normally £65)

Niall is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic with the General Chiropractic Council. He specialises in Sports Chiropractic and works as a sports chiropractor in Wimbledon SW19. Sports Chiropractic is an elite group of chiropractors who treat a range of different professional athletes. CLICK TO READ MORE ....

They combine their advanced skills and knowledge to offer physio muscle tuning & joint manipulation. 

His training includes musculoskeletal radiology. In 2010, his keen interest in sports-related injuries led Dr Marshall-Manifold to become an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). ESWT is a pioneering, non-electrical therapy for tendon pain in the limbs. Using our specialist focused ESWT unit at the Wimbledon Sports Injury Clinic, he currently performs the treatment for a range of conditions.

Previously Dr Marshall-Manifold trained through the renowned American Council of Exercise program for personal trainers. He has also undertaken rehabilitation work with special populations (post-surgical & congenital physical disabilities groups. 

He is also a member of BackCare, the charity for healthier backs. He is currently actively pursuing a Masters in musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound Imaging.

Niall Marshall-Manifold DC, wimbledon Chiropractor

Dr Richard Spice DC

Calls (£15), Enable Us To Assess Your Case - See If We Can Help - NOTE: £15 Is Taken Off Typical Physical Exam/ Consult Cost (Normally £65)

Richard Qualified from the Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic in 2009 and, over the last 12 years, has been developing his skills in both sports and family patients at the renowned Wolf clinic. CLICK TO READ MORE ....

He likes to treat TMJ patients at the Wimbledon Chiro & Sports Injury Clinic.

Like all practitioners at the clinic, he is concerned with postural care and discomfort setting and works with well-known picture software and is trained in musculoskeletal radiology.

Niall Marshall-Manifold DC, wimbledon Chiropractor

Dr James Shorthouse

"Dr James Shorthouse is a registered doctor of Chiropractic since 2008, he has since moved on to open his own practice. CLICK TO READ MORE ....

He has developed a keen skill-set for treating the spinal function while also concentrating on the peripheral joints. 

Like all Chiropractors within the clinic, he concentrates on changing postural defects, so they are less likely to create wear and tear and painful syndromes

- Sadly, after many years the much loved James has left the clinic and has set up his own wonderful practice in Caterham. His Wimbledon clients have been taken over by Richard Spice DC

Dr Thomas Marshall-Manifold

"Dr. Marshall-Manifold as director of the Wimbledon Clinic has been practising as a multi-discipline practitioner for more than 30 years.”

He was first introduced to Chiropractic through the German system of "Meridian Balancing by Chiropractic Technique" a system recognising the relationship between organ energy dysfunction and spinal restriction and imbalance due to skeletal misalignment Treatment is always aimed at the total realignment of the spine and skeletal system.

Dr Thomas has studied various chiropractic techniques in Germany, America, and the UK, including the chiropractic approach to Golf injury, studied in the USA, being a keen golfer himself, this has become one of his specialities. He has been a member of the College of Chiropractors since 2000 He also specialises in Prolotherapy, a recognised orthopaedic procedure that stimulates the body's natural healing processes to strengthen joints and spinal segments weakened by traumatic or overuse injury causing ligament laxity or fibrocystic scar tissue. Prolotherapy may be administered with Ozone Oxygen Therapy, Vitamin D and Glucosamine.

Other than by special request or recommendation Thomas does not see new patients.

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