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Taking a stand, for thinking on your feet

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Sitting down can be bad for you. Especially if you spend your working days slumped over a computer or perched on a car seat clocking up the miles.

The list of problems that come from many hours of being sedentary makes for sobering reading. It even includes the potential to increase your risk of heart disease!

Of course, regular proper exercise can help, but it’s not always a complete fix.

On the British Heart Foundation website, spokesperson Professor Stuart Biddle is quoted as saying: “The poor health effects from too much sitting are separate from whether you are physically active or not.”

One of the most common issues with sitting at a desk all day is back pain, as well as discomfort across your arms, shoulders and neck. It’s estimated that around 20% of the UK population suffers from lower back pain, and the amount of time we spend on chairs using our devices must play a role in that!

Can standing desks be good for your health?

All these concerns are leading many employers to consider introducing more standing desks. Not that this is a new phenomenon. Leonardo De Vinci and Winston Churchill are among the historic fans of working from a standing position!

Standing desks certainly offer some important benefits, including improvements to posture, circulation and muscle balance. However, fixed desks and tables that make you stand to work can be counter-intuitive.

For one thing, you can’t adjust them to take account of your height. This can lead to desk users arching their backs or placing too much weight on one side of their body. Which of course creates a whole new set of health problems, aches and pains!

The best solution is standing desks that are adjustable. Individuals can set the correct surface to body ratio – often slightly below or around elbow height – to ensure an even distribution of body weight and the ability to hold their spine in a natural position.

Working standing up can be an encouragement to move your whole body more often, more naturally, and it has also been found to boost concentration and focus.

Benefiting from a 'standing start'

Finding a more comfortable and healthy position to work in for long periods is great, but first, you need to tackle any residual pain from your sedentary days.

Contact us at the Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, to take a ‘stand’ against any aches acquired in modern office environments.