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Back Care Wimbledon

The back care wellness unit at Wimbledon chiro and sports injury clinic have a real focus on care quality. while practitioner skill is paramount we wanted to provide a facility to surpass many in the UK and London. 

Below we detail both our facilities and the methods we use to help your back recover with world-leading care environment.

Your Analysis

There are still so many clinics trying to speculate where you issue stems from. While there are some practitioners may luck-out more than others by choosing to guess we expose your treatment to be potentially slower than it would have been if we knew exactly what was going on. 

With This In Mind, You Will See We Don't Guess When It Comes To Your Backs Healthcare

Digital Postural Screening

2-4 photos are taken of your body position and composition

X-ray Analysis

Gold Standard For Orthopedic Spinal Positioning

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Gold Standard Analysis For Disc & Spinal Muscle Evaluation

Treatment Planning

Thanks to our detailed analysis we can plan your road recovery through rebuilding in stages. and can give you realistic expectation on what to feel or anticipate at the completion of each stage.

Treatment Devices & Aids

Treatment is why patients come to us and we wanted to offer the best options for our back care clients. With this pledge, we added substantial effort to source the best equipment ontop of our world-class practitioner oversight.