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4 Things every runner should know about sports massage

Know when to schedule your massage

There are many benefits for runners when they have a sports massage. They automatically boost their circulation, increase their flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Sports massage is a vital part of your race training if you are a runner. Below we explore four things you should know about sports massage.

1. Know when to schedule your massage

If you are new to sports massage then it's probably best not to book a massage close to race day as you may be too sore on the day. Instead, book your first massage a week before the race so that you can have a rub down, relieving any tension and tight muscles. Also, remember to thoroughly research your chosen clinic to ensure they have the right qualifications to practice sports massage.

2. Know the different types of massage

It's important that you know the different types of massage and that some are not suitable for runners. For example, a hot stone massage might seem relaxing; although it does soothe, it won't unknot those tight muscles. Ideally, runners need a targeted and specialist sports massage treatment that tackles deep muscles, relieves pain and improves flexibility.

Massage after you run

3. Massage after you run

A post-race sports massage is hugely beneficial in recovery and preventing injury. This can be anything from a few hours after running to forty-eight hours. However, if you are new to running it is best to wait at least three days for a sports massage as you may be too sore for a deep and thorough massage.

4. Not just for your legs

New runners often forget that sports massage is not just for the legs, as it can also target the upper body. Specifically, the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms can be targeted, helping to relieve any built-up tension and pain. This can be done throughout your training schedule and after a race. Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic provides a range of sports massage therapies designed for runners. To find out more about us and how we can help you to stay flexible and injury-free while you run than simply give us a call today.

Massage after you run