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Valedo Motion (Professional)

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What Is Valedo?

This amazing device uses MIT robotic sensor technology to compute your back's ability.

It then takes that ability info and creates a sense training plan to enhance strength and flexibility in the most amazing way!

The Problem?

Getting rid of back pain has never been a problem at the clinic with our advanced analysis and our four core approach we get outcomes that the average clinic finds hard to achieve. However, for non-sporty types, the less coordinated individuals keeping there spine position stable once pain-free used to be an issue. Gamification is the solution


Gamification rehab is most rewarding restoration because each task comes with satisfaction upon completion. Control a character flying through rings by wiggling your lower back into therapeutic nods. and thrusts.

Games range from swimming through an underground cave structure to the classic maze and ball game. This works amazing for mature adults and children. The game's difficulty is set by ability and movement range.

Stop Your Back Pain With Risk-Less Rehab

Exercise-based care for back pain is among the most efficient. Still, the feedback from our MIT sensors adds another layer of control and further reduces the risk of complications associated with over moving. 

Added to the sensors restricting you going into excess motion and reaggravating your back. 

This teaching of back muscles through playing games creates a carry-over effect that will persist long after you finish each stage of rebuilding.

Post Disc Surgery Rehabilitation

The carful task for convincing your back to rehabilitate post-surgical intervention is always a tricky task. But with the gamification sensors in the Valedo Motion system, ultimate live feedback allows to your re-teach your nerves to fire again with the risk-less confines the system provides