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Christmas Opening
Times 2023

Opening Times & Emergency Chiropractic Appointments Over Christmas 2023

Emergency chiropractor london open over christmas
Enjoy christams with Emergecy Chiropractor Wimbledon London
Emergency Chiropractor Avaible near me in London over christmas period

We have made emergency chiropractic appointments available around the Christmas holidays when most practices in London are shut.

These will be with Luke Phipps (Doctor of Chiropractic). These will be a full Consultation & Bookable Online with the button below:

Care From
Holiday Emergency


About Us

Your Favorite Place To Heal

Our goal within emergency holiday sessions is to get you or your lovered ones more functional to enjoy the holidays in some fashion. For musculoskeletal care, this can be quicker and more efficient than an A&E Visit.

Chiro & Sports Injury Treatment With Your Needs
in Mind

Emergency Chiropractic sessions 2023 are actioned Wimbledon clinic building, SW19 8NJ. These sessions are for clients looking for treatment help over Christmas period and are looking for Lonodn Chiropractor open over Christams 2023.

Here will work with traditional chiro or soft tissue techniques to get you through spasms, falls and trips or injury reoccurrence.

We do this all within times when the injury isn't expected & when many clinics are closed due to the Christmas Holiday season.

Bring A Family Or Friend

If you are in Pain, a family member or friend is always helpful to help you both physically and mentally make decisions. 

To The Point

Our focus is on your Exact diagnosis and, from this, your best treatment. Due to this, we have imaging facilities (in-clinic) for us to assess spinal injuries to an acceptable degree if there is doubt about spinal stability or position


Joint can sometimes be quick to release, but we also offer massage and traction stretch elements if your body is ready for these extras

Un-boxed Care

Our care is tailored to you and your current ability. Your practitioner will judge whether maintenance is appropriate to your pain levels and won't just choose standard care options.

Quick Chat (Option)

Before coming in, we offer a quick chat option known as a tele-consult; the cost is taken off your emergency care consult price as less time will be needed, but it ensures we can help with the case you describe (a medical history form will be sent digitally to help this take place)

Brighter Days Ahead

You may require follow-ups in the coming days to help further manage your condition out of its injury. Emergency holiday Care is there when nobody else is for these follow-ups. Pricing reverts to normal from 2nd Jan