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If you have never been to a Chiropractor before - don’t worry! 

The consultation is not any different from an Osteopath or Physiotherapist, and some therapist asks you strip to underwear - we don't. But it does help to wear single layers, and patients of the Sports Injury Clinic, particularly hip and shoulder patients might want to bring a vest and shorts.

Chiropractic is a government registered profession in UK since 1992 and comes with extremely high standards of both education and safety.

A quick look on the internet shows how the high profile sports athletes and celebs are turning to Chiropractic as a replacement for traditional care. With Bradley Wiggins, Usain BoltandRed Bull Formula One team associated with chiropractic treatment it is a popular choice.

"The purpose of a first visit is diagnosing! After this process it is about informing you about your condition and disscussing why your problem might have developed. – Simple!"

We might need added analysis before we continue. We want to makes sure your diagnosis is exact!

In the search for an accurate diagnosis, you may be referred to MRI scan or X-ray (this is done in-house in our radiology suite). Extra Imagery may take if previous care has failed, trauma history, neurological changes but your professional will help make this decision.

After diagnosis, we then progress to explaining a treatment plan. What treatments feel like

  • How we expect you to handle sessions
  • How quickly is your condition likely to respond
  • Answer any questions

This process is known as a Report Of Findings (ROF)

After this, you can start your journey to recovery using our four core treatment method Why Choose Us